A 4-Year-Old Child Who Could Not Supinate Her Forearm

Sanjeev Tuli, MD; Maria Kelly, MD; Kathleen Ryan, MD; Sonal Tuli, MD; Beverly P. Giordano, MS, RN, CPNP, PMHS


J Pediatr Health Care. 2014;28(4):357-360. 

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Medical History

The child's growth had been normal since birth. Her immunizations were up to date. She had a history of persistent asthma, which was controlled with fluticasone, 110 μg twice a day via a metered dose inhaler, and albuterol as needed. The patient had no history of hip dysplasia, knee anomalies, clubfoot, polydactyly, syndactyly, ligamentous laxity, thumb hypoplasia, or cardiac, renal, neurologic, or gastrointestinal problems. The mobility problem had not been noted at previous well-child examinations.