Surgical Excision of Multiple Penile Syringomas With Scrotal Flap Reconstruction

Elbert E. Vaca, MD; Gerhard S. Mundinger, MD; Jonathan A. Zelken, MD; Gulsun Erdag, MD; Michele A. Manahan, MD


ePlasty. 2014;14 

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Involved skin was resected superficial to Buck's fascia (Fig 3). A scrotal skin flap was then designed, elevated, and transposed into position across the dorsal defect. The donor site defect on the ventral aspect of the penis was resurfaced with additional scrotal skin flaps elevated in the same plane over distance of 25 × 20 cm. 3-0 Vicryl deep sutures and 4-0 chromic skin sutures were used for flap insetting and donor site closure.

Figure 3.

(Left) Penile defect after skin resection superficial to Buck's fascia. (Right) Reconstruction of penile defect with scrotal skin flaps.

The postoperative course was unremarkable, and the patient was discharged the following day. He has remained very satisfied with his postoperative result (Fig 4). He has some minor firmness over the scar line on the penile shaft, but has no chordee, can maintain erections, and is sexually active.

Figure 4.

Follow-up images of penile reconstruction 130 days postoperatively.