Medical Thoracoscopy

Rigid Thoracoscopy or Flexi-rigid Pleuroscopy?

Kim Hoong Yap; Martin J. Phillips; Y.C. Gary Lee


Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2014;20(4):358-365. 

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Rigid thoracoscopy and flexi-rigid pleuroscopy instruments present different advantages and disadvantages. Recent studies have shown that both instruments provide high diagnostic yields. The studies to date, however, are small and it is perhaps too simplistic to believe that one technique is superior to the other. The ideal pleural service should be equipped with both to tailor for individual patients' pleural conditions. Operators of flexi-rigid pleuroscopy must have alternative techniques available for patients with thickened pleura to ensure adequate samples are obtained. The advances in imaging techniques mean that imaging-guided pleural biopsy will be increasingly used for this group of patients.