May 16 News: Resveratrol, Myxo Ring, ALSYNC, AF Ablation, More

The heartwire team


May 16, 2014

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For the week ending May 16, 2014, we discuss the following top cardiology news from heartwire:

Resveratrol Does Not Reduce CVD Risk, Prolong Life

Myxo Ring Dispute: Tale of Two Studies Puts IRB in Hot Seat

ALSYNC: LV Endocardial Pacing Could Help in CRT Nonresponse

Bias Among EPs Who Refer AF Patients for Ablation

And also, in brief:

FDA Review Finds No Increased Risk of MI With Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

FDA Approves Vorapaxar (Zontivity) to Cut MI, Stroke Risk


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