Mitigation of Human-Pathogenic Fungi That Exhibit Resistance to Medical Agents: Can Clinical Antifungal Stewardship Help?

Claire M Hull; Nicola J Purdy; Suzy C Moody


Future Microbiol. 2014;9(3):307-325. 

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It is clear that much basic research remains to be conducted and that new knowledge must be translated across scientific disciplines in order to have the greatest impact on medical practice. While clinicians certainly need strongly research-evidenced prescribing guidelines, the practice of good antifungal stewardship must extend further than the clinic. Regulating the application of antifungals and other xenobiotics (including non-antifungal biocides and other chemical agents) in agriculture, horticulture, industry and any other arena is important, given the potential for transfer of environmentally acquired resistance traits into clinical settings. Good clinical antifungal stewardship is important but it cannot mitigate the risks posed by drug-resistant fungi without the cooperation and coordination of policy across all sectors using antifungal therapies.