Consensus on Items and Quantities of Clinical Equipment Required to Deal With a Mass Casualties Big Bang Incident

A National Delphi Study

Edward A S Duncan; Keith Colver; Nadine Dougall; Kevin Swingler; John Stephenson; Purva Abhyankar


BMC Emerg Med. 2014;14(5) 

In This Article


An expert panel of individuals with either clinical experience of providing a professional pre-hospital emergency medical response to a mass casualties incident or responsibility and authority in health emergency planning for mass casualties incidents reached a consensus that 134 items of emergency clinical equipment were either important or very important when responding to a big bang mass casualties event. A further 30 items neared the agreed 80% consensus level. Indicative quantities for each item were provided. The study findings provide an important resource for the UK, and other countries with similar response mechanisms and planning assumptions, to inform the development of evidence-based policies and the planning of future emergency responses to big bang mass casualties events.