Helminth Infections in Pregnant Women

Jill E. Weatherhead, MD; Laila E. Woc-Colburn, MD, DTM&H


March 14, 2014

A Woman From Malawi

A 22-year-old primiparous woman from Malawi with no significant medical history presents with vomiting, dizziness, acute diffuse abdominal pain, and acute onset of vaginal bleeding. She is afebrile, tachycardic, and hypotensive. She has evidence of pallor, diffuse abdominal pain, and abdominal distention, with a nonpregnant uterus and positive cervical motion tenderness on physical examination. Her urine pregnancy test is positive, and her hemoglobin level is 6.0 g/dL, with a mean corpuscular volume of 72 fL.

The patient was diagnosed with left ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy and underwent laparotomy with left total salpingectomy. Histopathology showed a thickened wall with chronic inflammation, fibrosis, and granulomas of the left fallopian tube.


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