Treating Uncomplicated Cystitis

Kiran Panesar, BPharmS (Hons), MRPharmS, RPh, CPh


US Pharmacist. 2013;38(8):34-37. 

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Recurrent Cystitis

In cases of recurrent cystitis, the long-term goal is to minimize antimicrobial use and improve the patient's quality of life.[2] The following points should be noted when selecting the appropriate antimicrobial therapy for patients with recurrent cystitis.

  • If a patient presents with a recurring case of cystitis within a week or two of treatment for uncomplicated cystitis, she should be advised to get a culture at a laboratory to rule out the possibility of a resistant strain.[2]

  • If the condition recurs at least 1 month after the first episode, a longer course of first-line therapy can be prescribed.[16] The first-line drug used should be different from the one used for the first episode, particularly if the infection has recurred within 6 months or the drug was TMP-SMX.[16]