Tolerability and Efficacy of Newly Developed Penile Injection of Cross-linked Dextran and Polymethylmethacrylate Mixture on Penile Enhancement

6 Months Follow-Up

D Y Yang; W K Lee; S C Kim


Int J Impot Res. 2013;25(3):99-103. 

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Out of 20 subjects who finished baseline evaluation and injection, one subject dropped out of the study because of the withdrawal of consent. Finally, a total of 19 subjects were analyzed.

The fillers were uniformly distributed in appearance at 6 months post-treatment and did not migrate from the injected surface (Figure 1). On magnetic resonance imaging, the fillers were well-circumscribed between Buck's fascia and dartos fascia (Figure 2).

Figure 1.

Representative figure of injection for penile enhancement. Grossly, materials were uniformly distributed, and the penis at 6 months after injection (right) was more larger than before (left).

Figure 2.

Coronal view of penis on magnetic resonance imaging at 6 months after penile injection. Materials were well-circumscribed between Buck's fascia and dartos fascia, and not migrated. Injected materials were shown inside of dotted line.

The penile girth at 6 months post-treatment increased by 2 cm or more in all subjects (100%). The mean circumferences of penile base, mid-shaft and distal shaft before treatment and at 6 months post-treatment were 7.2±0.8 and 10.9±1.1 cm with a mean increase of 3.7±1.2 cm (50.8%, P<0.0001), 7.1±0.8 and 11.3±0.9 cm with a mean increase of 4.2±0.9 cm (59.0%, P<0.0001) and 7.1±0.8 and 10.8±1.1 cm with a mean increase of 3.8±1.0 cm (53.2%, P<0.0001), respectively (Figure 3). There were no significant differences in the girth between 3 and 6 months post-treatment (P-value for comparison at penile base=0.796, mid-shaft=0.498 and distal shaft=0.600, Figure 4).

Figure 3.

Mean Penile sizes before (black color) and 6 months after penile injection (gray color). All P-values were <0.001. Circumf, circumference.

Figure 4.

Changes of penile size between, before and 6 months after penile injection. There were no significant differences between penile sizes at 3 months after penile injection and that at 6 months (all P-vlaues>0.05). Circumf, circumference.

With regard to the penile lengthening, 16 subjects (84.2%) showed increases of 1 cm or more at 6 months after the penile injection. The mean penile length before treatment and at 6 months post-treatment was 3.6±1.8 and 5.8±1.5 cm with a mean increase of 2.3±1.4 cm (63.2%, P<0.0001, Figure 3). When comparing between 3 and 6 months post-treatment, there was no significant difference (P-value=0.084, Figure 4).

All subjects experienced mild and transient penile edema after the bandage was unwrapped. However, in almost all subjects, the penile edema spontaneously subsided within 2 weeks, and there was no case of penile edema lasting for 4 weeks. At follow-up of 1 month after the penile injection, one subject presented mild asymmetry of penile shape that was corrected by an additional injection. At 6 months post-treatment, one subject showed a nodule of about 5 mm on the injected site. This nodule was caused in separately injected site not by a cyst or granuloma. Both cases were mild, and resulted from technical mistakes, rather than drug-induced side effects. There were no abnormal texture, firmness or feeling of the penis in all subjects. Any subjects did not complain about problems associated with the penile erection state, such as distortion, loss of length, or restriction of erect penis, during the study period.

There were no statistical differences in the results between the two institutes (P-values for penile base, 0.518; mid-shaft, 0.887; distal shaft, 0.821; and penile length, 0.435).