Radiotherapy in the Management of Prostate Cancer After Radical Prostatectomy

Detlef Bartkowiak; Dirk Bottke; Thomas Wiegel


Future Oncol. 2013;9(5):669-679. 

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Second Malignancies

One point that was not included in the above model is the risk of second malignancies. This is an issue of growing concern specifically with modern multiportal radiation techniques.[105] Presumably, the risk is most prominent after first cancer therapy at a younger age. After PC treatment with definitive IMRT (n = 897) or brachytherapy (n = 413), no significantly increased rates of second cancer were observed within or out of the treatment field.[106] While the cohorts were small and follow-up was comparably short regarding the potentially long latency of radiation-induced tumors, there was a positive trend toward early diagnosis, resulting from routine surveillance and increased awareness of patients after the first malignancy.