Muppet cardiologist Valentin Ruster joins cast of Spain's Sesame Street

Reed Miller

September 06, 2012

New York, NY - Dr Valentin Fuster (Mount Sinai Heart, New York, NY) is the inspiration for a new Muppet named Dr Valentin Ruster who teaches children about healthy lifestyles on Barrio Sésamo: Monstrous Supersanos, a version of the acclaimed kids' TV series Sesame Street that recently debuted on Spain's Antena 3. The show is produced by nonprofit educational organization Sesame Workshop[1].

Dr Valentin Fuster and Dr Valentin Ruster

[©2012 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. Photo by Richard Termine]

For example, in the first episode of Barrio S é samo: Monstrous Supersanos, Dr Ruster teaches Grover about the functions of the heart. In another episode, he hosts a game show testing Cookie Monster on the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.

Fuster, originally from Barcelona, first worked with Sesame Workshop in 2006 to promote cardiovascular health in Colombia and is an international advisor on Sesame Workshop's Global Health Initiative. He is also the chair of the Committee on Preventing the Global Epidemic of Cardiovascular Disease for the Institute of Medicine.


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