Nonobstructive Hydronephrosis Due to Social Polydipsia

A Case Report

Natallia Maroz; Uladzimir Maroz; Saima Iqbal; Ravi Aiyer; Ganesh Kambhampati; A A Ejaz


J Med Case Reports. 2012;6(376) 

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Fluid intake is beneficial in the prevention and management of nephrolithiasis, as well as weight loss. It was shown to suppress plasma levels of arginine vasopressin in animal models of polycystic kidney disease, thereby slowing cyst progression. Fluid intake also improves glomerular filtration rate and protects against the progression of chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, there are many clinical scenarios in which the excessive consumption of water can lead to worsening of electrolyte abnormalities and decompensation in patients with heart, renal and liver failure - demonstrating that people with underlying comorbidities need to follow the specific recommendations of medical professionals. Patients may experience complications from social polydipsia, under the influence of the urban myth of consuming eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day for good health. Our patient developed NOH as a result of social polydipsia, the etiology of which went unrecognized and led to unnecessary, risky and expensive interventions. This may be an example of exaggerated social habits promoted by modern media, a peril of practicing medicine in 21st century.