Detection and Management of Pediatric Conditions That may Affect Male Fertility

Geolani W. Dy, MD; Melissa Rust, MSPAC; Pamela Ellsworth, MD, FAAP, FACS


Urol Nurs. 2012;32(5):237-248. 

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While the adult male infertility workup may be a familiar evaluation, many factors affecting fertility can be traced back to early adolescence, childhood, the newborn period, and even the preimplanted embryonic state. Common diagnoses identified in childhood and adolescence may have an impact on fertility. An understanding of the presentation, evaluation, and management of these conditions is essential because their potential impact on fertility is critical to the overall care of these children/adolescents and their families.

Advances in the treatment of infertility present opportunities for cryopreservation and future fertility in many children. Since the discussion of infertility may provoke anxiety for both the affected child or adolescent and the parent(s), it is important that physicians and nurses caring for these individuals be aware of the emotional impact that may be associated with these conditions and be prepared to educate, counsel, and support the family to alleviate their anxieties and concerns.