Opportunities for Cost Reduction of Medical Care: Part 3

Monte Malach; William J. Baumol


J Community Health. 2012;37(4):888-896. 

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Dutasteride (Avodart®) is one cost-effective method of evaluating elevated PSA levels to determine whether prostatitis or prostate cancer is the cause.[45] In prostatitis, dutasteride shrinks the prostate gland, and PSA levels drop, thereby avoiding unnecessary, expensive, and risky prostate biopsy surgery. In 2010, 30 million PSA tests were performed in the United States. Now the US Preventive Services Task Force has recommended that routine PSA tests be discontinued, since they do not save enough lives to justify the excessive associated costs.[46] Furthermore, 39% of men with prostate cancer die with it, while only 16% die from it.[47]


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