Postprostatectomy Radiation Therapy

An Evidence-based Review

Mark V Mishra; Colin E Champ; Robert B Den; Eli D Scher; Xinglei Shen; Edouard J Trabulsi; Costas D Lallas; Karen E Knudsen; Adam P Dicker; Timothy N Showalter


Future Oncol. 2011;7(12):1429-1440. 

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Future Perspective

As long-term follow-up data from the aforementioned Phase III trials becomes available in the next few years, we will determine whether improved biochemical and local control rates ultimately translate into an overall survival improvement, as seen in the SWOG 8794 trial. The optimal timing of postprostatectomy RT will likely be defined within the next decade, once data from ongoing clinical trials comparing ART and SRT materialize. In the meantime, comparative effectiveness research for this patient population will likely become a major focus of future research efforts. Given the long delays between study conception and the reporting of survival outcomes for Phase III trials in PC, decisions regarding ART versus SRT may be influenced heavily by observational cohort studies, prospective registries and other comparative effectiveness research methods designed to compare the benefits and harms of these two treatment approaches in a usual care setting.


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