Postprostatectomy Radiation Therapy

An Evidence-based Review

Mark V Mishra; Colin E Champ; Robert B Den; Eli D Scher; Xinglei Shen; Edouard J Trabulsi; Costas D Lallas; Karen E Knudsen; Adam P Dicker; Timothy N Showalter


Future Oncol. 2011;7(12):1429-1440. 

In This Article


It is well established that early ART provides improved biochemical relapse-free survival, and potentially overall survival for patients with APFs following a prostatectomy compared with observation. However, whether early SRT initiated after a PSA failure is equivalent to ART remains unknown. Based upon the published data, a shorter time interval between RP and initiation of RT is associated with the same or improved HRQOL following treatment. Given that it will be several years before we obtain level I evidence to address this issue, treatment decisions should be based upon an open and thorough discussion between treating physicians and patients, weighing the results of available data, patient risk factors and treatment benefits between the different treatment paradigms.


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