"Forgettable" Sex: A Case of Transient Global Amnesia Presenting to the Emergency Department

Kevin Maloy, MD; Jonathan E. Davis, MD


J Emerg Med. 2011;41(3):257-260. 

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Although rare, TGA may present to the ED in a dramatic fashion. Sex-induced TGA in particular may cause considerable distress on behalf of the patient as well as the partner. Differential considerations include TIA, seizure, SAH, and drug-induced delirium, among others. The occurrence of a distinct precipitating event and repetitive questioning (in the absence of head trauma) seem to be key features in making the diagnosis of TGA. Brain imaging and specialty consultation (or observation/admission) are reserved primarily for patients with "high-risk" (or otherwise atypical) features. Brain imaging may, however, relieve anxiety about more dangerous causes of the event. Fortunately, the natural course of sex-induced TGA is usually benign, self-limited, and without long-term residual sequelae.