Bartonella Infection: Treatment and Drug Resistance

Silpak Biswas; Jean-Marc Rolain


Future Microbiol. 2010;5(11):1719-1731. 

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Future Perspective

Much more remains to be discovered about Bartonella infection, antibiotic treatment and drug resistance. Current and future studies will help to ascertain what the possible ramifications of chronic Bartonella bacteremia are for animal and human health. Veterinarians should be aware of the high prevalence of feline Bartonella bacteremia, and they should be careful in evaluating cats for possible Bartonella-related clinical conditions. Prevention of exposure to vectors or infected animals would be the best way to prevent human bartonellosis. Highly structured prospective treatment studies of humans and animals infected with Bartonella are required to clarify the selection of the optimal antimicrobials and treatment duration.