Proteomic Analysis of Zymogen Granules

María Gómez-Lázaro; Cornelia Rinn; Miguel Aroso; Francisco Amado; Michael Schrader


Expert Rev Proteomics. 2010;7(5):735-747. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Zymogen granules (ZGs) are specialized storage organelles in the exocrine pancreas that allow the sorting, packaging and regulated apical secretion of digestive enzymes. ZG constituents play important roles in pancreatic injury and disease. The molecular mechanisms underlying these processes are still poorly defined. Thus, there is currently great interest in the identification and characterization of ZG components. Recent proteomic studies have greatly enhanced our knowledge regarding potential new 'players' in ZG biogenesis and regulated secretion. In this article, we present the latest advancements in and insights into the analysis of the ZG proteome by the combination of organelle isolation, protein separation, mass spectrometry and validation of protein identification. Recent developments in the analysis of ZG proteins from pancreatic juice and related proteins from saliva are also discussed.