Seizures in a Non-communicative Child

Anna Tielsch-Goddard, MSN, CPNP-PC


J Pediatr Health Care. 2010;24(4):270-274. 

In This Article

Interpreting a Medical History when Your Patient has Difficulty Communicating

Autistic children have impaired communication skills and sometimes are unable to verbalize symptoms of pain such as headaches. The patient presented with increased irritability, per the mother's report. Providers who are taking care of children with any disorder involving impaired communication need to pay close attention to the caregiver's report of changes in behavior or activity. This patient presented with possible headaches, as suggested by the way he repetitively held his head and had increased irritability and sensitivity to lights. Patients with any pervasive developmental disorder or who present on the autistic spectrum present the practitioner with an added challenge in compiling a medical history.


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