Septic Arthritis in a 14-Month-Old Child

Jeanette M. Ramos, MD; Julie A. Ribes, MD, PhD


April 12, 2010

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Clinical Course

At the time of admission, the patient was treated with 625 mg ceftriaxone IV daily (75 mg/kg/day). Upon detection of K kingae in the joint culture, the child was taken to the operating room for an irrigation and debridement of the right knee joint, and an additional single intramuscular dose of 625 mg ceftriaxone was administered. Vancomycin, which was initially given empirically to cover for Staphylococcus aureus, was discontinued once the culture results were known. Knee fluid cultures collected intraoperatively had no growth at 5 days for the aerobic blood culture bottle and no growth at 4 days for culture on solid media. Repeat blood cultures were also negative. After 6 days of hospitalization, the patient was discharged home with a plan to continue IV ceftriaxone daily for a total of 2 weeks of therapy and consider conversion to oral therapy at the time of follow-up visit.