Update on Hormone Replacement: Sorting Out the Options for Preventing Coronary Artery Disease and Osteoporosis

, Ohio State University

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The nuisance of adverse effects of HRT such as continued bleeding as well as the fear of breast cancer prevent many women from receiving HRT. Young women who had not formerly been candidates for oral contraceptives because of their cardiac history are excellent candidates for HRT postmenopausally. Two nonhormonal options (calcitonin and alendronate) are also available for the woman with established osteoporosis who cannot or will not use HRT.

Menopause increases the risk for osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Involving women in decisions regarding their health care and maintenance is an important challenge for each health care provider. By increasing a woman's awareness and knowledge of the important medical issues surrounding menopause and osteoporosis, her adherence to an individualized health maintenance program should be more likely.


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