Gastrointestinal Manifestations of Food Allergy

Shereen M. Reda


Pediatr Health. 2009;3(3):217-229. 

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Natural History

Most GI food allergies occurring in infancy are outgrown by 3 years of age,[5,9,21,30] except allergic eosinophilic gastropathies.[13,14,22] Approximately 85% of children outgrow their food allergies to cow's milk, egg, soy and wheat by 5 years of age, while allergy to tree nuts, fish and shellfish persist to adulthood.[4] Peanut allergy is likely to be a lifelong disorder for most, but not all patients. Approximately 20% of peanut allergic children younger than 2 years achieve tolerance by school age.[61,62] Children who outgrow peanut allergy tend to have mild form of allergy with small or negative SPT over an interval of less than 3 years since the last reaction.[63]


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