Prevention of Infrared-A Radiation Mediated Detrimental Effects in Human Skin

P. Schroeder, PhD; C. Calles, Dipl.-Biol (MSc); J. Krutmann, MD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2009;14(5) 

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Protection Strategies Against IRA

Complete photoprotection of human skin must include protection against IRA. Currently there are no specific chemical or physical filters directed against IRA that are available, or at least the available compounds need to be tested for their IRA-filtering capacity. While it is unlikely, that UV-specific filters work against IRA, physical filters might provide protection in addition to their potential against UV. Controlled studies determining the effectiveness of UV filters in IRA protection are currently not available.

An alternative approach for photoprotection against IRA is the use of antioxidants, especially mitochondrially-targeted antioxidants, e.g., epigallocatechin gallate (found in grape seed extracts and tea extracts), and mitoquinone (MitoQ™, Antipodean Pharmaceuticals), which is a coenzyme Q derivative. Accordingly, topically applying such antioxidants on human skin in vivo prior to IRA treatment has shown that it significantly abrogates the IRA-induced detrimental shift in dermal gene expression.[10]