An Overview of Hysterectomy

Angie L. Goeser, PharmD; Matthew J. Hasiak, PharmD; Jared L. Hochstettler, PharmD Candidate


US Pharmacist. 2008;33(9):HS11-HS20. 

In This Article

Role of the Pharmacist

While pharmacists may not play a direct role in provision for hysterectomies, they are nevertheless in a unique position to educate women about the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. It is imperative for pharmacists to be aware of the postoperative complications of hysterectomy, as they are likely to encounter patients who are seeking relief from these symptoms. A knowledgeable pharmacist will be able to provide assistance with OTC agents when appropriate, as well as recognize serious symptoms that warrant referral of the patient to a physician.


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