Management of Primary Cicatricial Alopecias: Options for Treatment

M.J. Harries; R.D. Sinclair; S. MacDonald-Hull; D.A. Whiting; C.E.M. Griffiths; R. Paus


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2008;159(1):1-22. 

In This Article

Treatment Options

As will become evident in the following, as a general rule with only a few exceptions, the overall level of evidence to support one form of treatment over another, for defined PCA entities, is frustratingly low. Therefore, it is no surprise that, in the daily management of patients with PCA, preference for the chosen treatment in any given case quite often is heavily biased by personal experience of the physician at hand, expected adverse effects, and pragmatic considerations (e.g. cost and expected compliance problems) rather than by a critical evaluation of the available evidence level.


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