A Paraneoplastic Case of Palmar Fasciitis and Polyarthritis Syndrome

Muhammad Haroon; Mark Phelan


Nat Clin Pract Rheumatol. 2008;4(5):274-277. 

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We describe a patient who was known to have pancreatic carcinoma with a typical clinical presentation. The patient's rheumatic complaints are not currently associated with detectable progression of the malignancy or with tumor recurrence; however, rheumatic complaints can precede tumor recurrence by a considerable length of time.

Although most patients with arthritis will be accurately diagnosed by treating physicians, difficulties arise with new-onset inflammatory arthritis in the elderly and in patients with uncommon or rare forms of arthritis. Investigating the possibility of an occult neoplasm is recommended when treating an elderly patient with rheumatic symptoms, or when treating a patient of any age who presents with an atypical arthropathy (especially with palmar fasciitis), particularly if unexplained anemia or constitutional symptoms exist. This would ensure timely management of any existing culprit lesion.

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