New in the Marketplace


The following table contains a summary of product launches and approvals identified in international markets in recent weeks.

Generic name Trade name (Company) Indication/category Country
Balsalazide (L) Colazal (Salix Pharmaceuticals) Treatment of ulcerative colitis US
Caspofungin (A) Cancidas (Merck & Co.) Treatment of invasive aspergillosis US
Crotalid antivenin (L) CroFab (Protherics) Treatment of snake bites US
Linezolid (A) Zyvox (Pharmacia Corporation) Treatment of Gram-positive infections UK
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (A) Prevenar (Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines) Prevention of invasive pneumococcal disease EU
Ziprasidone (A) NA (Pfizer) Treatment of schizophrenia US

A = approved; L = launched; EU = European Union; NA = not available.