Breast Implant Illness: Treatment Using Total Capsulectomy and Implant Removal

Stephen E. Metzinger, MD, FACS; Christopher Homsy, MD; Magnus J. Chun, BS; Rebecca C. Metzinger, MD


ePlasty. 2022;22(e5) 

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The results of this study have several limitations. Due to the retrospective nature of our study, data collection bias may occur in which symptoms reported may not represent all symptoms associated with BII. Sampling bias may be possible because patients who had their implants removed were not representative of the overall breast reconstruction patient population. Although comorbidities are presented in this study, it does not take these into account in the data analysis. Additionally, although a questionnaire was provided to each subject, a BREAST-Q evaluation of outcomes[33] for these women would provide a more accurate subjective assessment of their mammary, extra-mammary, and other systemic symptoms. Further prospective studies taking into account of comorbidities would be beneficial to understanding BII more in depth.