Osteosarcoma: An Evolving Understanding of a Complex Disease

John H. Alexander, MD; Odion T. Binitie, MD; G. Douglas Letson, MD; David M. Joyce, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2021;29(20):e993-e1004. 

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Notable advances have been made in the past decade in our understanding of the influence of patient-specific, surgeon-specific, and tumor-specific factors on oncologic outcomes in osteosarcoma. Surgical advances have focused on improving patient function, surgeon accuracy, and durability of reconstructive techniques. Unfortunately, little improvement in patient survival has been achieved during that same period. However, there is hope that our improved understanding of the molecular pathogenesis driving osteosarcoma and its metastatic potential may translate into a meaningful effect on patient survival. In the meantime, the orthopaedic oncologist must continue to develop and refine surgical techniques to maximize local control, minimize complications, and optimize patient function.