Coccidioidomycosis and COVID-19 Co-Infection, United States, 2020

Alexandra K. Heaney; Jennifer R. Head; Kelly Broen; Karen Click; John Taylor; John R. Balmes; Jon Zelner; Justin V. Remais


Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2021;27(5):1266-1273. 

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Public health professionals, healthcare providers, and populations in areas to which coccidioidomycosis is endemic should be aware of the overlap in risk factors for coccidioidomycosis and COVID-19. Because prompt diagnosis is critical for effective management of coccidioidomycosis and the COVID-19 pandemic might exacerbate existing delays, healthcare professionals should know how to identify these diseases and potential co-infection. Agricultural and construction workers, firefighters, Black and Latino persons, persons with diabetes, elderly persons, incarcerated persons, and migrant or undocumented farmworkers might be at increased risk for coccidioidomycosis and COVID-19. Employers and public health officials should mitigate exposure to dust and SARS-CoV-2 by promoting the use of face masks and social distancing practices.