Foot Care in Epidermolysis Bullosa: Evidence-based Guideline

M.T. Khan; M. O'Sullivan; B. Faitli; J.E. Mellerio; R. Fawkes; M. Wood; L.D. Hubbard; A.G. Harris; L. Iacobaccio; T. Vlahovic; L. James; L. Brains; M. Fitzpatrick; K. Mayre-Chilton


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2020;182(3):593-604. 

In This Article

Literature Search

A systematic literature search was adopted with no language restrictions. The literature search was conducted by the two panel leads using seven electronic search engines: MEDLINE (PubMed MeSH), Wiley Online Library, Google Scholar, Athens, ResearchGate, Net and The search terms and inclusion criteria followed PICOS (Table S1; see Supporting Information). The Boolean AND and OR operators were used to combine these terms as appropriate. Searches of cited references were conducted on eligible papers. Updating of the available literature was continued up to publication. Forty-six full articles were identified, and 36 were finally included after exclusion of 10 duplicates.

Inclusion criteria were applied to all articles identified by the searches (Appendix S8; see Supporting Information). These were discerned from the papers' abstracts and titles, or the full articles in cases of uncertainty. Papers that were unpublished or did not meet the methodological filters were retained as grey literature. These were examined to provide context or considered divergence within the main recommendations.