The Hanikoda Method: 3-layered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Wound Bed Preparation

Ian Chik, MD; Enda G Kelly, BSc, MBBch BAO, MRCSI, MCh; Razman Jarmin, MD, MS; Farrah-Hani Imran, MB BCh BAO, MRCS, MS


Wounds. 2016;28(10):360-368. 

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As the HM is a new technique, there are no prior comparisons. The brief literature review is based on single wound therapies that make up the HM. All techniques have proved useful for different types of wounds, and the combination of these 3 modalities may be used for a wider range of wounds without having to perform multiple mechanical debridements. This new design method is viable and is helpful in both wound healing and wound closure. However, further clinical trials comparing the HM with NWPT or hydrogel dressings alone has to be performed to measure clinical outcome and cost effectiveness.