Low Tidal Volume Ventilation With Low PEEP During Surgery May Induce Lung Inflammation

Hitoshi Sato; Kyota Nakamura; Yasuko Baba; Shoko Terada; Takahisa Goto; Kiyoyasu Kurahashi


BMC Anesthesiol. 2016;16(47) 

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In conclusion, VT of 6 mL·kg−1 predicted body weight ventilation with a PEEP of 3 cmH2O during hepatectomy caused inflammation in the airway and reduced oxygenation after the surgery, whereas VT of 12 mL·kg−1 ventilation with a PEEP of 3 cmH2O did not. There appears to be more lung inflammation with low tidal volume with low PEEP, which may be due to repeated alveolar collapse and re-expansion (i.e., atelectrauma). Our study supports the findings of other investigations looking at lung protective ventilation during surgery, mainly that low PEEP levels may be harmful. Careful consideration is warranted when enforcing a lung-protective strategy during major surgery.