The Sugar Beat

  • Diabetes 360: A Plan to Quell the 'Tsunami' of Diabetes Diabetes Canada's 360? framework can revolutionize diabetes prevention policies across the globe, says Harpreet Bajaj.
  • Generic DPP-4 Inhibitors Would Be a 'Shot in the Arm' Dr Akshay Jain discusses the potential implications of a generic DPP-4 inhibitor for the management of type 2 diabetes that may soon enter the US market.
  • The Artificial Pancreas Has Arrived in Canada: What to Expect Dr Harpreet Bajaj discusses the first artificial pancreas that has been approved for use in Canada--what to expect, anticipated challenges, and learnings from experiences in the United States.
  • Surviving the Holidays With Diabetes Celebrating the holidays doesn't have to be a choice between losing glycemic control or missing out on the fun. Dr Akshay Jain provides some tips to help guide discussions on safe holiday eating.
  • Dispelling the Myths About Obesity Is obesity a choice? Are people just lazy or suffering from 'food addiction'? Dr Akshay Jain responds to the results of a recent Medscape poll and says it's time to dispel the myths about obesity.
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors: Unreal Primary Prevention? These diabetes drugs offer cardiovascular benefits, but only in diabetes patients who already have CV disease, the author argues.
  • Alcohol Advice Demands Full Disclosure First What do you tell patients who ask about 'safe' alcohol intake--or who inquire about your own drinking habits?
  • CANVAS: Straight Talk Needed on Amputation Risk Can a meta-analysis of two different studies or data from observational studies overcome the clinical concern about the clear-cut amputation risk with canagliflozin seen in the CANVAS trial?