What are the infectious causes of Kawasaki disease?

Updated: Jul 29, 2018
  • Author: Tina K Sosa, MD; Chief Editor: Russell W Steele, MD  more...
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Over the years, multiple infectious agents have been implicated; however, to date, no single microbial agent has surfaced as the prevailing cause. [20, 21] Suspected pathogens and infections have included the following:

  • Parvovirus B19

  • Neisseria meningitidis

  • Bacterial toxin–mediated superantigens

  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae

  • Klebsiella pneumoniae

  • Adenovirus

  • Cytomegalovirus [22]

  • Parainfluenza type 3 virus

  • Rotavirus

  • Measles

  • Epstein-Barr virus

  • Human lymphotropic virus

  • Mite-associated bacteria

  • Tick-borne diseases

  • Rickettsia

  • Propionibacterium acnes

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