What is the role of human growth hormone in the treatment of cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH)?

Updated: Aug 06, 2019
  • Author: Alan P Knutsen, MD; Chief Editor: Harumi Jyonouchi, MD  more...
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Conflicting results have been reported in the use of growth hormone to treat 5 patients with cartilage-hair hypoplasia. In a 3-year-old Japanese boy who was treated with growth hormone for 7 years and underwent a leg-lengthening surgical procedure, the height improved from -4.2 standard deviations (SD) to -2.1 SD. [41] In another report of 4 patients with cartilage-hair hypoplasia, growth hormone was used to treat 4 patients, consisting of 2 pairs of siblings: a pair of 10-year-old twins (one boy, one girl) and a 7-year-old girl and her 4-year-old sister. [42] The duration of growth hormone therapy was 5 years, 2 years, 5 years, and 6.5 years, respectively. Slight improvement of growth was reported during the first year of growth hormone treatment, varying from 0.2–0.8 SD, but the growth was not sustained, and no gain in final height was reported.

Obara-Moszynska et al reported the use of recombinant human growth hormone in an 8-year-old girl with cartilage hair-hypoplasia. [43] . Recombinant growth hormone rhGH therapy was used for 4 years and 7 months and had a significant effect on height from -4.00 to -2.98 height SD score. [43]

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