What is the role of palatal surgery in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021
  • Author: Charles E Morgan, DMD, MD; Chief Editor: Arlen D Meyers, MD, MBA  more...
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UPPP is the most common procedure for the treatment of OSA syndrome. This procedure, introduced by Fujita in 1981, consists of tonsillectomy, reorientation of the anterior and posterior tonsillar pillars, and excision of the uvula and posterior rim of the soft palate. For patients without tonsils and an enlarged tongue base, Friedman advocated a Z-palatoplasty.

Transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty has also been described and includes the removal of a portion of the posterior hard palate and anterior suspension of the soft palate. This procedure has evolved because of the unpredictable success of UPPP, but it is not widely performed in the United States.

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