What is the treatment goal for targeted temperature management (TTM)?

Updated: Jul 26, 2019
  • Author: Alex Koyfman, MD; Chief Editor: Karlheinz Peter, MD, PhD  more...
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In most centers, the patient is actively cooled by using an induced hypothermia protocol for 24 hours to a goal temperature of 32ºC-36ºC. The goal is to achieve the target temperature as quickly as possible. In most cases, this can be achieved within 3-4 hours of initiating cooling. Rewarming is begun 24 hours after the time of initiation of cooling (ie, not from the time the target temperature is achieved). More evidence is needed to define the optimal duration of hypothermia treatment in humans. In animal models, effective hypothermia treatment can be less than 24 hours if initiated rapidly after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). In other animal models with long duration of cardiac arrest and delayed initiation of hypothermia, treatment for 48 hours is needed to achieve good neurological outcomes.

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