How is Reye syndrome treated?

Updated: Apr 02, 2018
  • Author: Debra L Weiner, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Kirsten A Bechtel, MD  more...
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No specific treatment exists for Reye syndrome; supportive care is based on the stage of the syndrome. Continue careful monitoring. Establish and maintain the patient’s airway, breathing, and circulation. Check the glucose level, particularly if the patient is younger than 1 year and/or has altered mental status. Administer dextrose to correct hypoglycemia. Admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) is warranted for continued monitoring and treatment.

Consider consultation with a neurologist for electroencephalography (EEG). Consider consultation with a neurosurgeon for monitoring and treatment of increased intracranial pressure (ICP). Consider consultation with a gastroenterologist or surgeon for liver biopsy. Consider consultation with a metabolic disease specialist if an inborn error of metabolism (IEM) is a possibility.

Monitor and treat long-term neurologic sequelae. Prescribe outpatient anticonvulsants if ongoing seizures occur.

Reye syndrome has been successfully treated with liver transplantation. [12]

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