How is osteoporosis treated in postmenopausal women?

Updated: Jun 06, 2018
  • Author: PonJola Coney, MD; Chief Editor: Richard Scott Lucidi, MD, FACOG  more...
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Bone loss accelerates in the late menopausal transition and continues for the first few years after menopause. [4] Postmenopausal women and elderly women should be treated early and on a long-term basis unless a contraindication to such treatment exists.

Current treatment options for preventing fractures among postmenopausal women with osteoporosis include the following:

  • Bisphosphonates (alendronate, etidronate, ibandronate, risedronate, zoledronic acid)

  • Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs; eg, raloxifene)

  • Calcium

  • Vitamin D

  • Calcitonin

  • Monoclonal antibodies

  • Hormonal medications

  • Estrogen therapy (considered a second-line therapy for osteoporosis [5] )

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