What is the global prevalence of breast cancer?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019
  • Author: Graham A Colditz, MD, DrPH; Chief Editor: Chandandeep Nagi, MD  more...
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The international incidence of female breast cancer varies markedly, being highest in the United States and Northern Europe, intermediate in Southern and Eastern Europe and South America, and lowest in Asia. From 1983 to 1987, the age-adjusted incidence rate of breast cancer varied by factor of about 5 between countries (see image below). However, incidence rates have been rising in traditionally low-incidence Asian countries, particularly in Japan, Singapore, and urban areas of China, as these regions make the transition toward a Western-style economy and pattern of reproductive behavior. [4]

Breast cancer epidemiology and risk factors. 1982 Breast cancer epidemiology and risk factors. 1982 Average annual breast cancer incidence per 100,000 women by age in San Francisco, United States, Japan, and China.

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