What are the SOSORT guidelines for use of physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercises (PSSEs) during bracing and surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis?

Updated: Dec 02, 2020
  • Author: Charles T Mehlman, DO, MPH; Chief Editor: Jeffrey A Goldstein, MD  more...
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Use during brace treatment and surgical therapy

1. It is recommended that PSSEs are performed during brace treatment.

2. It is recommended that, while treating with PSSEs, therapists work to increase compliance of the patient to brace treatment.

3. It is recommended that spinal mobilization PSSEs are used in preparation to bracing.

4. It is recommended that stabilization PSSEs in autocorrection are used during brace weaning period.

5. It is recommended that PSSEs in painful operated patients are used to reduce pain and increase function.

6. It is recommended that aerobic physiotherapy training be used prior to surgery.

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