What are the signs and symptoms of ophthalmic syphilis in HIV infection?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021
  • Author: Luca Rosignoli, MD; Chief Editor: Andrew A Dahl, MD, FACS  more...
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Three distinct patterns of iris findings may be seen before or during the active stage of the disease, as follows:

·       Iris roseata - reddish spots or engorged vascular tufts that resolve with treatment

·       Iris papulosa - the roseata spots increase in size to resemble a papule

·       Iris nodosa - the area of iris lesion forms a large yellow-red nodule

Inadequately treated syphilis or untreated disease sets the stage for tertiary syphilis, which includes the development of an obliterative endarteritis in about one third of cases. Optic atrophy, old chorioretinitis, chronic iritis, and Argyll-Robertson pupils also are seen in this stage.

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