How is aseptic meningitis prevented?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018
  • Author: Tarakad S Ramachandran, MBBS, MBA, MPH, FAAN, FACP, FAHA, FRCP, FRCPC, FRS, LRCP, MRCP, MRCS; Chief Editor: Niranjan N Singh, MBBS, MD, DM, FAHS, FAANEM  more...
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Hand washing and other general good health measures may reduce the risk of developing an infection that can progress to meningitis.

Many of the causes of meningitis are communicable and, if one case of meningitis is diagnosed within a community, appropriate steps may need to be taken immediately to prevent the further spread of the disease. Since viruses that are passed in the stool cause most cases, people diagnosed with aseptic meningitis should be sure to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet. Always wash hands after changing diapers.

Effective vaccines are available for polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. Illnesses related to these viruses have declined dramatically in countries with effective vaccination strategies. Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis has been effective in controlling the infection in Asia. Rabies is the only infection in which the vaccine is given after exposure to the virus.

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